Monday, 5 March 2012

Sleek MakeUp Blush By 3 Lace Palette Review and Swatches

Evening people! Popped into Superdrug on Saturday, hunting for polish as always, and I have a habit of always checking the Sleek display. I was hoping for a new eyeshadow palette, but instead noticed this along with four other blush palettes. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out which palette to pick up; there were testers there but they were sort of half sealed shut so you couldn't get the palette open to swatch the colours, let alone get a decent look at what they were like! I decided on the Lace palette. I'll be taking a good look at the other palettes and will probably pick them all up. It's just nice to have options :D

Before we begin with the swatches, I wanna point out that Sleek's regular single blushes retail for between £6-7. Last time I bought one I think it was £6.59, but there may have been a price increase since then. The single blushes contain 8g of product, which is phenomenal for the price. They're also ridiculously pigmented; anyone who owns a Sleek blush will know this! This palette was £9.99 and contains three blushes. This palette contains 20g of product. Yes, 20g of blush for £9.99. I know! It works out to just over 6.5g per blush (I can't be bothered working out the exact amount, we'll stick with close estimates :P). The quality of this palette is the same as the single blushes, nothing has been skimped on here!

The lace palettes contains Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly. Glad I'm typing that and not having to say it! I know for definite that Guipure is the middle shade but I'm unsure with the other two. The diagram on the back of the palette doesn't exactly match, so I'm gonna guess which names go to the other two haha.

Crochet is a bright reddened coral. It's a matte blush. The comments for these blushes are basically going to be the same; fantastic pigmentation as always with Sleek, finely milled powder, goes on like a freaking dream!

Guipure is a slightly peachy pink with gold shimmer. This has an absolute ton of gold shimmer. There's subtle shimmer and then there's this! Pigmentation is top know what I'm going to say =D This instantly reminded me of Sleek's Rose Gold, which if you didn't know is pretty much a dupe for Nars' Orgasm, the only difference being that Rose Gold has a bit more shimmer. Guipure is slightly different to Rose Gold; Rose Gold is pinker whereas this seems to be slightly redder, and the shimmer in this is more intense. I've never been a massive fan of shimmery blushes, I have open pores on the apples of my cheeks and I'm slightly oily there, so any shimmer in that area is overkill for me, but I am going to use this blush, I'll just pop it further back on my cheeks.

Chantilly is a bright peachy orange with the tinyest amount of coral. I wasn't going to mention the coral as in direct light you can't see it, but there's something there stopping me from saying this is a plain orange. Again it's a matte finish and it packs a punch.

Chantilly, Guipure and Crochet
Chantilly TL, Guipure TR, Crochet underneath

For anyone interested, the size difference between the blush palettes and regular Sleek eyeshadow palettes:

And the difference between the blushes in the palette(bottom) and a regular Sleek blush:

And finally the difference between Guipure and Rose Gold:

Rose Gold

Rose Gold (bottom) is pinker

Guipure (top) Rose Gold (bottom) and Nars Orgasm (side)

Overall I think these palettes are amazing value for money. There's not many other places you'd be able to get three good sized blushes for £10. If your a Sleek fan or just a fan of amazing blushes, definitely check these out!!

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