Monday, 12 March 2012

Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in Green With Envy and Pompous

Hello =D I picked these up from ASDA yesterday...I always have to browse! Green With Envy is a polish I've looked at many times but only just picked up. No idea why because it's freaking gorgeous!

Green With Envy

Green With Envy (819) is a metallic medium turquoise. The name confuses me; this looks visibly blue based to me. The claim on the back of the bottle is that these 60 second polishes are "one-coat nail polishes" and "dry within 60 seconds". This took two coats for full coverage, it was sheer at one with visible nail poking through. It's the same for the second polish I have. As for "dry within 60 seconds"...touch dry yes, but if you caught your hand the polish would easily come off. Still, it's a freaking gorgeous colour.

Pompous is a deep purple with white and purple shimmer. Again, opaque in two coats. I'm a sucker for purples like this!

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