Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nina Pro Solar Flare, Orange Flame, Lime Light, Punki Pink, Punki Purple, neon polish swatches

Things are about to get awfully bright! I popped into Sally's a few days ago hunting down China Glaze's Electropop collection to see if there were any other polishes I wanted, but they didn't have it in yet. I was gazing over the other polishes and these pretty much smacked me straight in the face. These, to me, are pretty much the definition of neon (well, with one or two exceptions, but we'll talk about that later). These polishes are just under £4 and you get 15ml. Seriously can't complain there!

Punki Pink, Lime Light, Orange Flame
Punki Purple, Solar Flare

Solar Flare is a bright neon acid yellow. I took these photos with three coats but probably should have added another. The more layers you add the brighter this stuff gets. This one looked like a normal glossy polish to me, but I can't actually make up my mind whether it's meant to be a matte, as the rest of these neons are. Weird! Each coat dried pretty quickly.

Orange Flame is a neon orange. This had a definite matte finish and was opaque at three coats. Because it's matte it dries a lot quicker than glossy polishes, so layering isn't an issue

Lime Light is a bright medium grassy green. This was a complete nightmare. Matte finish again so layering isn't a problem, but what is a problem is that it's so sheer it never hits opaque - I'm wearing five coats on my nails. Five. And I can still very visably see my nails underneath. I really wanted this one to work but it just wasn't going to, so I gave up.

Punki Pink is a bright midtone pink. This is freaking retina burning. Again a matte finish. At three coats I could still see some nail line so I opted for four.  

Punki Purple is a bright red based purple. Another matte here. This isn't what I'd call neon; it's bright but nothing like a neon to me.

Orange Flame and Punki Pink are my faves because they're true retina burning neons. Sometimes I crave colours like this; now I have them! Definitely worth checking out Nina Pro

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  1. Love your swatches. The colours are gorgeous. :)

    A tip for neon polishes is to paint your nails white first. It makes the neon even brighter, and it means you don't need as many coats before it's opaque.