Sunday, 11 March 2012

MAC Chen Man Collection - A few bits! Lipglass, Lacquer and Glitter!

I suppose I could call this a haul...maybe...except I bought this stuff along with stuff from other newly released MAC collections haha. This is the Chan Man stuff. The products I have to show you are Force of Love lipglass, Breezy Blue Nail Lacquer and Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue.

Force Of Love lipglass is a bright clean pink with subtle white shimmer. The lipstick that shares the same name is more coral than this - I can't detect anything but pink. But this is freaking GORGEOUS! There is some minor settling into liplines but it isn't really noticable.

Onto the polish!!! Breezy Blue is a darkened cobalt blue with a slight purple edge to it. This was opaque in two coats. It's a tiny bit watery.


Reflects Blue is small white glitter than shines blue when the light hits it. It's a permanant pro product. I have made a nail polish with this; just some of this glitter in a clear base and it's freaking gorgeous! I'm unsure whether these are eye-safe or not, I didn't see any warning anywhere.


  1. ong reflects blue is unbelievable!!!! i hope you have swatches of the polish!