Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nails Inc March Free Set #3

At least, I think it's number three haha. I love NI's free sets, they never skimp! It's fantastic to see a brand that actually care about their customers. Anyway, onto this free set. This set, again, contains a "cosmetic" bag, a nail file and two full size polishes - George Street and Garrick Street.

George Street is a pale, pink-tinged nude. This is pretty much my perfect nude colour. It's not too dark or too pale, it's not too brown, too grey or too peachy. It's just perfect. And as if that wasn't well as being my perfect nude, it's also opaque in one coat!!

The second polish in this free set is Garrick Street. This one is quite complex! It seems to have a murky brown purple base with navy/purple shimmer that shifts between both colours in the light. It's freaking amazing!!! This would be gorgeous layered over darker shades, although it is opaque in two coats on its own.

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