Saturday, 21 April 2012

Illamasqua Havoc and Scribe Precision Ink liners

I picked these up with a few other things from Illamasqua recently - these weren't part of their easter deals so they get their own post!

I'm generally not a fan of liquid liners. No matter how much I try, winged liner looks awful on me. I can't get it even. Ever. Not sure what enticed me to pick these up really, I just fancied a go! They come in a sleek black tube and have a small felt tip applicator that can easily handle both thick and thin lines. These are the best liquid liners I have tried. I haven't tried many, but these are amazing. Beautifully pigmented and the applicator makes them sooooo easy to use. OK, I still look awful with winged liner, but these are great for when I need something extra on my upper lashline.

Havoc is a red based brown with a tiny hint of purple - kind of like an aubergine really. This is a fantastic alternative to black. I do find that black can look harsh on me, given that I'm really pale with blonde hair, and this doesn't look so scary. One swipe was pigmented enough, I didn't need to go back over it and fill in gaps.

Scribe is a pure white. This was released with Human Fundamentalism. This is actually a gorgeous "alternative" colour and something I will definitely be wearing throughout summer. Somehow it seems to make my eyes appear smaller though haha. I did have to go back over this once it had dried and one "coat" was a little sheer and patchy. Two "coats" sorted it though!

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