Thursday, 12 April 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension Eyeshadows - Young Venus, Sweet Heat, Lunar, Grand Galaxy

Hello people! Today I have a few of MAC's new Extra Dimension eyeshadows. I picked up the shades I figured I would use the most. I'm actually amazingly impressed with these.

These shadows are described as a hybrid - a cross between a liquid and a powder. They've had a lot of comparisons with Estee Lauders Cyber shadows - I don't own any so can't compare. The texture of these is bizarre to me. I was expecting them to be creamier than they are but they're actually quite powdery, though they do pack a punch. The powderyness isn't an issue since the shadow holds together well - it's not like a powder shadow would be powdery. None of this makes sense does it haha. It's hard to describe! I didn't detect any fall out on the eyes, but I have noticed that when swirling your brush in the pan a little of the product does kick up. These can be used dry or wet - I've only used them on my eyes dry as that's just how I prefer to use them, but as a general "rule", when these are used wet they tend to be a little brighter (for instance, with Lunar the blue shimmer is more visible) and more metallic. Overall I think these are some cracking shadows - with no primer they last around 6-8 hours, with a primer they just keep going. Dry swatches on the left, wet on the right.

Young Venus is a light metallic frosty pink. It sounds horrible but it really isn't. I can actually see this being a colour I'd reach for regularly when I'm not doing a specific look. It doesn't look too pink and it's actually quite neutral. It's perhaps a tiny bit sheer when dry but nothing adding another layer won't sort out, when used wet it's more metallic and a bit more pigmented.

Sweet Heat is a metallic peachy champagne. It's very much a neutral colour. I have this currently paired with Young Venus and it makes a great crease colour on me. On darker skins this would look fab as a wash of colour. When used dry, this is more peach, when wet more of the champagne sheen comes out, it's also a little darker.

Lunar is a metallic blackened navy blue based with an incredible blue sheen. When used dry it's a bit dull, the sheen is there but when used wet it's much more brighter and metallic.

Grand Galaxy is a metallic medium purple. It's a little sheer when dry, but again nothing another layer couldn't fix, and is slighly darker when wet.

Thanks for reading :D

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