Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nails Inc Free Set #2 - Montpelier Square and Hoxton Crackle swatches

Ooh, another free set, yay!!! This set contains the same bag as seen previously, a file, Montpelier Square polish and Hoxton Crackle.

Montpelier Square is a bright silver foil. This was opaque in one coat. It didn't seem to leave many lines when applied; the lines it does leave I think were down to me not being too careful haha. That and my nails were fairly uneven when I swatched this.

Hoxton Crackle is a vibrant rich purple crackle polish. I really really like how this one cracked, I don't know why but it just seemed to crack nicer than other crackle polishes haha. That doesn't really make sense!

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