Friday, 13 April 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb

Superb is the only highlighter I bothered to get with this collection, and I do wish I'd have done some research as I could have saved some cash.

The texture of this is the same as the eyeshadows - it's powdery but not in the way we usually think of products being powdery, but at the same time it seems creamy and well held together. The product itself really is great and I do really like it. It has a metallic sheen that doesn't look scary once applied, it just gives a nice glow.

What I don't like about this is that I payed £21.50 just for this to be the exact same colour as Sweet Heat eyeshadow. *Actually, I've just swatched them together again and it seems that perhaps Sweet Heat is a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit peachier, and I really do mean a tiny tiny bit. Aside from that, which I've only found by staring at it for a few minutes, there is no difference. I definitely didn't need both, one would have worked as both a highlighter and a shadow. Ah well, I've bought them and  had a play with them now haha.

Superb is a peachy beige with a slightly pinky undertone and champagne sheen. It's pretty much the same as Sweet Heat, but Sweet Heat seems to be lacking that pink undertone. If I were to pick between this and Sweet Heat, I'd keep this, as I like the slight pink undertone, it stops it from looking too orange on me. Dry swatches on the left, wet on the right.

Superb above and Sweet Heatr below

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