Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nails Inc Chelsea Flower Show - Orange Juicy Sheer swatches!

More sheer goodness! This one is Orange Juicy Sheer, or as it's named on the bottle, Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show is a sheer tangering orange with a jelly finish. This polish is designed to be, and look, sheer. It's also scented - and it really does smell like fresh tangy oranges, no synthetic smell here! At first I was thinking "why would anyone want purposely sheer nail polish?" but actually, it does look really nice! I went for three coats with this polish, as after trying the pink one I found that when you hit three coats it doesn't get much more opaque than that.

I will say with this that if you have imperfections on your nails like I do or your nails aren't evenly coloured you may want to start with a french manicure shade - you know the soft pinks or peaches you use to even your nails - to hide imperfections before applying this, as obviously you'll still see odd marks underneath this polish.

One coat:

Two coats:

Three coats:

One coat over Pelham Place (very pale pink)


  1. Thanks for the swatch. I tried making my own jelly and the coverage looks similar but mine turned out a little more pinky.

    1. Oh wow that looks gorgeous! Gotta try making my own, I'd love a sheer jelly teal!