Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglasses in Mango Sheen, Cherry Fest and Moonbeach!

Mmmm, lipglass. Shiny shiny lipglass.

Sheen Supreme Lipglass packaging (upside down)

Unlike other MAC lipglasses, these come in a big thick black tube with a "twisty" thing at the bottom to dispence the product and a brush applicator. I actually really like this packaging. It takes a looong while to get the product to show the first time round...I lost count how many "clicks" after about 50. These lipglasses are pretty amazing - they aren't sticky at all, you can wear them sheer or build them up to almost opaque, depending on the shade. They actually feel a bit moisturising too. What I don't like is you don't know how much product you have left, so one day I'll twist and naff all with come out. They have the usual MAC vanilla scent (mmm, vanilla).

Sheen Supreme Lipglass applicator

Mango Sheen is an orangey red with gold shimmer. It's extremely glossy, though that does seem to start to fade after an hour. It's still glossy but not as much as it was. This one can be applied sheer or built up to be almost opaque. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy even if you're working to get it opaque, which is nice.

Cherry Fest is a sheer light yellow based pink with subtle silver shimmer. This really just tints my lips a tiny bit pink and adds mostly shimmer, but it's subtle. This won't hit opaque - it's meant to be sheer.

Moonbeach is a beige champagne shimmer. This one can be built to semi-opaque. It's quite a nice nude gloss really.


  1. Cherry Fest and moonbeach are my favourites! And I love things with vanilla scents :P

    1. Aah, me too! I actually spend alot of time just smelling MAC lip products hahaha. I do now have a craving for vanilla yoghurt!