Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nails Inc Henley Regatta - Pink Juicy Sheer swatches!

(Late) Evening! Today another NI package arrived with some exciting things inside! This post is all about the Pink Juicy Sheer polish - or as it is named on the bottle, Henley Regatta.

Henley Regatta is a sheer strawberry pink with a jelly finish. This polish is designed to be, and look, sheer. It's also scented - and it really does smell like fresh juicy strawberries, no synthetic smell here! I was genuinly shocked by how much I like this polish. At first I was thinking "why would anyone want purposely sheer nail polish?" but actually, it does look really nice! I went for four coats with this polish, just to see how opaque it would go, and really when you hit three coats it doesn't get much more opaque than that, and it's still semi-sheer at three.

I like this enough that it's what I'm currently wearing on my nails. I will say with this that if you have imperfections on your nails like I do or your nails aren't evenly coloured you may want to start with a french manicure shade - you know the soft pinks or peaches you use to even your nails - to hide imperfections before applying this, as obviously you'll still see odd marks underneath this polish. Under my current mani with this polish I used two coats of Nails Inc Soho Silk base coat; it's a sheer white designed to strengthen and "prime" the nails, which has helped hide some of those imperfections.

These swatches are with just one coat:

Two coats:

Three coats:

And four coats!

Layered over Pelham Place which is a very pale pink -